Rocky IV: the American punch

Rocky Iv Le Coup De Poing Americain
Dimitri Kourtchine


Rocky IV, America is back is an iconic film and a chapter of popular culture in itself. On its release in 1985, audiences all over the world flocked to see it. Rocky IV packed a powerful, well-aimed punch. It was the product of American “soft power“ and culture, a sign that studios were back in the driving seat in a new Hollywood revitalised by the presidency of Ronald Reagan, who came to power following a decade of crisis. Rocky IV’s symbolism was twofold: the triumph of the American boxer over the Soviet fighter reflected the victory of free-market economics over a Soviet empire in decline. The film fed a globalised popular culture that swept inexorably across the United States, Europe and even the Eastern bloc. Still today, Rocky is a model for some and a joke for others. Rocky IV, a symbol of the 1980s and its culture and heroes, is the subject of our wry investigation into a pop culture with highly politicised overtones. 


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